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Available NOW for pre-order. Released on March 17, 2015!

Available NOW for pre-order. Released on March 17, 2015!

Why do we HATE shopping?

Why do we HATE shopping?
You can move from hatred to hope with these four practical tips You hate shopping? You’re not alone! “Getting half-naked in front of the dressing room mirror intimidates me.” “I don’t know what looks good on me.” “I’ll go shopping after I lose some weight.” “I just don’t like my body.” Are you unhappy with your current wardrobe situation? Do [...]

Emergency Underwear: How Did That Hap...

Emergency Underwear
It’s Monday morning, you can guarantee that I’m struggling. At any point between 6:30am and 10am, I’m a cross between a walking hot mess and an incoherent toddler. All I want on Monday morning is for the clock to rewind back to Friday. As I stumble through my morning toilette (pronounced “twaa-let” –I’m attempting to get fancy her [...]

The three ways that Frozen helped me ...

The three ways that Frozen helped me reflect on 2014…
2014…Well, that went fast! It’s amazing how quickly 365 days pass by – especially the good days. Oh, how I wished some of those good days could have lasted a little longer. And the bad days…well, the bad days couldn’t end soon enough. While I post a lot of positive things on social media about what’s happen [...]

What married people forget about bein...

What married people forget about being single by Brittany Kaelber
Brittany Kaelber wants to live in a world where cookie dough is at the top of the food pyramid, leg warmers never go out of style and there are more spontaneous song and dance numbers in everyday life. When she’s not working as a full-time video producer and a part-time photographer at CedarCreek Church, you can find her hanging out wit [...]

Sunnyside Up: Can anything positive c...

I wonder if I could do that? (photo credit: blacksportsonline.com)
Recently, we all got to see Kim Kardashians’ tuckus. While it wasn’t the first time we saw Kim’s undressed girly goodies populating our Twitter or Facebook newsfeeds, it was still a BIG surprise! I’ve been thinking about what I should say about this for the past week. I’ve also been scanning social media waiting [...]